Hi there! I'm Jake.

I'm building a "neobank for software engineers".

It's called Committer.

I'm looking to bring on a technical and/or business ("go-to-market") cofounder.

If you want to learn more about Committer and you are based in San Francisco Bay Area, NYC or Miami, please reach out.

Or, if you know someone who'd be good fit, I'd truly appreciate an intro to anyone in your network who may be interested.

I work and live in downtown San Francisco. But I can meet you over coffee anywhere in the Bay Area. I will show up with a high fidelity prototype I made in Figma, and expect to have a brutally honest discussion about the idea and the prospects of us working together to build a company.

If you live in NYC or Miami, no sweat. I frequent these destinations quite often so we can still meet for an intimate in-person conversation at your favorite spot.

My Myers–Briggs is ENTJ if it matters to you. That being said, I have a collaborative, honest, laid-back working style, and I'm also a full-stack engineer in the truest sense of the term.

It is hard to assess someone's work ethic, desire to win, commitment, learning curve etc without actually working with them. But...below I believe is the bare minimum needed to make ours a successful partnership.


  • live in San Francisco/Bay Area, NYC or Miami (here's why),
  • are technical—as in you can write production-ready JavaScript code and have a good mathematical intuition — OR — are strong in B2B SaaS sales preferably with a network.
  • excel at written communication, oral communication, team-building, leadership, and organizational skills.
  • work hard
  • are ruthless about moving the company forward
  • are self-confident and have the confidence to influence and lead a team
  • are not an a**hole.
  • are excited about many disciplines and are extraordinary at one

Bonus Points:

  • You write a blog
  • If you're technical, you get what this guy's saying.
  • You've read Play Bigger and align with the goal of becoming a category king
  • You enjoy hiring/working with people better than you are
  • You contribute to Open Source
  • You act on a vision of what can be. Money isn't your biggest motivator
  • You identify as an extrovert
  • Company culture and the team are the most important to you—more so than the product
  • You snowboard (skiing is alright—lame but alright)
  • You're a coffee person

If you've read this far, you should definitely say hi.

Looking forward to the conversation!